by | Sep 6, 2022

Layfayette, Indiana – Imagine a world where improved sleep, mood, inflammation and stress levels were found through simple, all-natural, plant-based products. Backed by a 100 year-strong history in medicine, family-owned Doc Brown’s launched in 2020 to help relieve long-time sufferers from their ailments—with a non-traditional twist: we use CBD. Unlike other CBD companies, Doc Brown’s brings a century of pharmaceutical compounding knowledge to developing each of our tinctures, gummies, and balms

Providing people with an alternative solution for their symptoms has been the driving force behind our work.

Brian Brown, M.D.


Brothers Brian and Grant Brown, an anesthesiologist and pharmacist, joined forces in 2018 to bring to life their combined vision of delivering both clinical and product solutions for patients who were looking for a trusted source on their healthcare journeys. “Since treating patients with CBD -which we started five years ago- we’ve seen incredible results,” says Dr. Brian Brown. A huge part of our mission is bringing this evidence-based education to our community. CBD isn’t just a fad. It works. It really does.”

When their grandfather, Bernath Brown, earned his pharmacy degree in 1922, he might not have had CBD on his pharmacy shelves, but he had his community’s safety and wellbeing at heart. In the decades following, the Brown family continued their love of providing quality health services while also keeping an open mind. Not shy about bucking the system, they dove headfirst into hemp research when they realized its potential to heal.

Doc Brown’s carries on our family tradition of delivering safe and effective treatment options to our patients.

Grant Brown, Pharm. D.


With this dedication to scientific rigor and innovation, Doc Brown’s recently partnered with the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA), supporting their ongoing research and education. Doc Brown’s and NFA proudly share the vision of improving lives through evidence-based solutions.

As part of Doc Brown’s commitment to serving others, all of our products are rigorously tested for optimal effectiveness and taste. We start with USA grown hemp which is processed and packaged in strict adherence to FDA guidelines to ensure the highest grade products for our customers. Creating community by putting customers first comes naturally to this family-run company. And when you contact us for help, you reach real people ready to share our expertise.

Doc Brown’s has stood the test of time for a reason: we genuinely care about creating a healthier future for all. Learn more about Doc Brown’s and our CBD products here.